Wednesday, 13 September 2017


So everyone is definitely settled back into school finally.  No big change in our house to be honest, kids are used to the routine. 

We spent the weekend moving rooms and I managed to get my crafting room back, yippee!  This time I have more furniture in it so that I can keep my supplies more organised. Up until now my crafting "stuff" was all over the sitting room on various shelves, ah it was crazy, I could never find anything and then if the dogs got their paws on it!

I had a bit of a meltdown on Sunday as I was convinced I'd lost my "labels".  I searched high and low, nowhere to be found.  Luckily they turned up the next day, son no. 2 found them downstairs which was great because I had only ordered them and it was the guts of about 40 labels that were missing.

Hubby made me a lovely hot chocolate to calm things down, it worked!

In addition to one of the boys coming in to my room when the hot chocolate arrived, I had another helper... you guessed it Rosie!  She ended up sleeping in the drawer in my desk, happy days.

Too cute.

Once all my crafty bits were safely returned to the crafting room, I managed to prep several baby balls and hairclips.

Now I feel more collected and not so stressed about finding stuff. 

Have a good week wherever you are.



Thursday, 31 August 2017


Where did the week go...

Well I can tell ya, work and getting everyone back to school!

We were kept busy with a horrendous headache and a couple of hospital appointments, long story.

Needless to say the family kept me enterained and busy!

Barney in particular I think likes making work for me..see exhibit A below.

Exhibit A

Rosie, well you can't get annoyed with Rosie, well you can but you won't really do anything about it cause she's too beautiful.

Who me?
I managed to get some work done on some quilts and some cutting for more hairclips.

I have a craft fair this weekend so hoping I get some happy sales!


Thursday, 24 August 2017


I came home to such a lovely surprise last night!

So I am always trying to come up with a decent display for my craft stall.  There are fantastic stalls out there, but I just never know where to buy the stuff.  I do know that I want height on my stall and that the display looks good.

Now that I am making so many hairclips, I needed something whereby they catch my potential customers eye at the same time displaying them in a pretty way.

I thought maybe something with picture frames? 

I got some from the charity shop, thank you Kelly!

Charity shop frames
I bought some gold spray paint and some chicken wire.  This is where hubby had to step in.  He attached the chicken wire to the frames (unfortunately cutting himself a couple of times in the process - sharp stuff chicken wire) but he added a touch of his own which I totally love. 

a bit of netting goes a long way!

What do you think?  I totally love it !

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Schools round the corner

My boys start back at school next week.  I have to say this month flew by, I can't say the same for the previous two months.  I still have to buy some books but I'll get there, no panic.

A couple of my customers asked if I do solid colour hairclips and the answer was not before but I will if you want me to.  So in came bottle green and solid navy into my fabric stash.  Such a great idea!  Thinking red clips would work too, solid red I mean.

Favourite - look at that button!

Again a favourite - the button!

And a collection of four!
I have a couple of crochet projects on the go at the moment - I won't start any more as I actually want to finish some of them.  So I have a scrappy moss stitch scarf on the go and the other one is using Attic 24s pattern the Harmony Blanket - I didn't go for the beautiful soft colours that she did, rather I limited my palette to four colours, with grey as being my background colour.  It's easier to crochet on the commute home (bus) than sew, good thing I had it with me yesterday, as there was a delay on the motorway which didn't bother me as it meant more time to crochet!  I am using the system that many other crocheters use which is make x amount of squares (i.e. the first round) and then do the second round on all of them then the third and so on, it does make you feel like you are making blocks a lot faster.  Rough count I have I'd say 40 plus squares made, didn't get a chance to do a fresh "block" count!


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Catch up

I thought I would try again at the ol blog!

It's terrible isn't it, as you know I am not great at waffling on, that's why I prefer IG because as they say a picture paints a thousand words.

I personally am more of a visual person so I work by pics for my sins!

I've been busy, be it at work or with crafting.

I resurrected my hair clips and brooches and found them to be actually in demand which is lovely!

So here is a picture of what I've been up to.

Linen and cotton hair clips

Upcycled brooch and matching hair clip

Determined to finish this moss stitch scarf - started in 2015! 

My helper... Rosie!

And a personalised quilt

So that's me for today :)

How are you guys doing??


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Back to basics

Eek I am terrible at keeping my blog up to date.  I have big dreams of doing a super interesting blog and putting up great photos, but jeez, something called "life" gets in the way, how awkward :).

No seriously it's just been manic, what with changing jobs, having a great busy job now, nothing worse than having nothing to do and ending up time watching which is something I have never done, I am happy to say I'm working for an old boss and i can now complain about how busy I am but I know that it's the best thing for me.

Scouts, well that took over for the last few weeks.  Being out and about is great, I love the out and about bit, but it takes its toll.  It is a great way to hang out with my family though as we are all involved in Scouts so no complaints. 

Crafts? Totally ignored and neglected. 

Therefore I am reassessing things (again).  I have removed the Facebook app from my phone.  I have started switching my phone off when I come home.  The end result is that I have been able to pick up my crafts again and get on with things instead of looking how other people are doing. 

I made two granny squares last night for son #1s crochet blanket, I think from memory I have about 15 more blocks to make so ensure that it is a worthwhile sized blanket.  

No Christmas fairs this year, I simply didn't have the time however I am still making Christmas themed items year.  

So what now, well I will keep turning my phone off at night, i will keep FB off my phone and keep it simple and see how it goes. 

Without sounding like i am lecturing, it's actually quite refreshing not to be checking my phone every time it buzzes, most times it's nothing but an ad or something that I really don't need to know. 

So let's see how I get on shall we?


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I like a lot of people have a few crochet WIPS on the go.  One of them is a blanket for my eldest boy.  He has been rightly complaining that I haven't made him a blanket yet.  I have in excess of 50 blocks made for him and as of yesterday evening I have now got 60 blocks.  My target is approx. 75 blocks as he is a young teenager so I want that it fits him.  So 75 blocks plus a border should be sizeable, but I will check this again once I have reached my target figure!

Crochet granny squares by Craftyfrogshop

The weather was beautiful yesterday so I crocheted outside.  The boys were busy in and out of the house, but I was kept company in the form of my two cavs!

Ok she is fixated on leaves or anything that might move when there's any breeze, so when we have a proper wind she's a bit of a nightmare only because she is distracted by it and wants to chase leaves (I blame her ears !)

Being in Ireland, when there's sun and a bit of a breeze it's good drying weather!!!

perfect granny squares

I am loving choosing colours for this blanket.  My orders are no pink or girly colours, well I am choosing to ignore it slightly because it'll make a very dreary blanket.  What I love about crochet is the colour!  For me it's all about the colour, wouldn't you agree?  When I grow up maybe I will go for more serious colours, but well I haven't reached that stage yet!

By the way I can't shout enough about it but this lady's tutorial on making the perfect square is just superb.  In a nutshell you start your first round, then flip over the yarn and attach your new colour (I tie a knot) and then start your second round, flip over your square, attach new colour and start your third round, flip over your square and now start round 4 and continue in this manner till you have reached the desired size of your granny.