Thursday, 16 June 2016

Eek first post

Deep breathe, my first blog post since renaming my shop to Craftyfrog a couple of months ago.
I am waiting on delivery of my new tags and business cards.  I should be receiving both any day now. 
What has changed, why did I do the name change you might wonder.  Well I thought it was purely a time for change.  I love patchwork/quilting but felt that my old name put me in a certain corner as in "patchwork" items are what you will find in my shop.  I have fallen in love with crochet and one day plan on having some crochet items in my Etsy shop so I felt it wouldn't tie in properly.  When I was a kid I loved frogs (still do), and what I do is a crafty thing so hence Craftyfrog. 
I am still very much making my baby balls and currently I am finishing off my first ever memory quilt for a brother and sister.  I don't know more about them whether they are twins or what.  The baby clothes that mum gave me where / are stunning.  So pretty and so colourful.
I also decided to make some blocks that were simply made from one of the fabrics from the baby clothes, for example the nautical scene above.  They actually broke the quilt up nicely.  I have chosen white to display each fabric, but just to make sure it wasn't too white I thought why not use the fabrics on their own.  The lion was on the back of a baby gro.  He had to take centre place of course!  I cut some of the necks of the baby gros.  That way mum can remember how teensy their little necks were!

As I said the balls are still going well, I have branched out into pastel coloured ones and some with a red panel.  Loving the red!

I just got a delivery of beautiful new fabrics from the States.  I am nearly afraid to cut into them, but I did buy them to keep the baby balls modern.  The ballerina on Cora's ball is one of my  new range oh and the Gutermann fabrics.  Have any of you tried them?  They are gorgeous quality, a bit pricey but still very nice!