Friday, 22 July 2016

Summer sun

Breaking news we actually got a great week of sun!  It's still quite warm now, but wow the week we just had was unbelievable.  Really stunning.
It was also good timing because I took last week off to get a patio done.  Mother if you are reading this here is a picture for you!

Hubby and I haven't stopped spending time on the patio, although now we are both back at work so it's in the evenings. 
It's thanks to my late Godfather that we got this stunning bit of work done in our garden.  I am currently sourcing two trees, one in memory of him.  I'm going with a Hawthorne at the moment and a crab apple tree - the latter I don't know which one to go for so any advices (mother too) is welcome!
Righto back to work!


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