Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A creative packed weekend

Half way through summer, school holidays are coming to an end!  I am already thinking about next year's holidays and hopefully we will finally manage a trip back to Athens to see friends and family...
On a different note I have seen this #chalkpaint mentioned all over IG and FB and I decided to give it a go.  We just got the downstairs WC tiled.  It has been used as a dump for the past year, the WC itself was broken so we just blocked the whole room off and used it for throwing more rubbish into it.  Since we had the skip for the patio we bit the bullet and decided to declutter and boy did we declutter!
I decided to go back to basics and I painted the walls white, glossed the skirting boards with high white gloss so as to have a nice clean backdrop. We found a nice bathroom unit in Lidl, I know shock horror not a charity shop find but hey I can't wait that long.  Hubby assembled the unit for me. There were aching knees by the end of it!
We had this mirror in the bathroom for years, I believe we inherited when we bought the house.  I decided to experiment with the paint on the mirror as it's small and if it looks horrible then no big loss. 

I got the old masking tape out and got to work, wiped down the wood, got a paint brush and purchased tester size tin of paint.  It needed a load of stirring before the consistency felt right, but then I just applied it directly to the wood.  It came out lovely!  I am happy with the outcome, the WC is overall white in theme, but then you see the splash of "blue" on the wall, it really compliments the room. 

I tried to take a pic of the room but the light was against me.  I started late in the afternoon.  Managed to burn myself on the exposed bulb in there...but I am really chuffed with that room now.  Also the paint was grand. So much so I bought a larger tin of "Tea" green to start working on a larger piece in my kitchen!  The latter paint I bought in Aldi.
Hubby and I managed to grab a few minutes out on the patio much later that evening.  Minutes after taking the picture below it started raining which was a shame but sure it's Ireland soooo....

Some other makes and snapshots from the weekend
Flower clips

Old sewing basket with cute old buttons!

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