Friday, 12 August 2016

Getting the crochet out for Autumn

Yesterday you could have been forgiven for thinking summer was over.  In fact this week as a whole has been horrible, rain, cold and yes more rain.  The news is saying we are in for a bit of a heat wave...I was doubtful but today...there's some sun so you never know.
Because of the weather I thought I would resurrect by moss stitch crochet scarf.  I'd say I started this some time winter last year but maybe it was earlier this year not sure without looking it up on IG.  But being that this is an accessory for the Autumn /Winter I thought I had better get a move on with it know so that it's ready for the season it's required in!

It's a simple stitch, the tutorial is on this Dutch lady's blog.  It took me a while to find a clear tutorial and this one I thought was the best.  Now a couple of tips that I have picked up.  Because this is a project that you might put up and down for prolonged periods it's worth either writing a little instruction in a note book on what stitch you use, whether there's a chain stitch in between and WHAT SIZE HOOK you were using.  Just saying...
This is a great fun project, no stress, just nice and steady, repeat stitches.  Also the colour is entirely up to you, I copied Mriek's approach by using up scraps of yarn, but if you want something more planned then chose your colours and work out a pattern/colour combo that pleases you.  This scarf is already very long, I can wrap it around my neck and have sides hanging down over my shoulders but I want to be able to wrap it twice, so I have a fair bit to go... that's what the bus commute is for eh!

I am not worried about this scarf as I want it to be as scrappy as possible, so much so that one of my colours ran out halfway through so I added another colour and continued on, can you get any more scrappy??
So hopefully you will give it a go, doesn't have to be a scarf, could be a little blanket???
Happy crocheting! 

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